Products & Services
Digital Imaging and Archiving Solutions
Document Management Scanning Services
  1. It is a technology that allows organisations to capture paper-based information and store the images electronically.
  2. Our EDMS enables end user to index or enter 'metadata' into the huge storage of digital documents.
  3. Images can be stored in various image formats ranging from TIFF,PDF,JPGC or PCX.
  4. We provide a total solution ranging from document scanning services, as well as documents disposal services.
  5. Digitizing of Microfilm and DVD backups services.
  6. Our state of the art scanning equipment is able to cater for small paper size documents to AO paper size documents.
  7. We ensure secured and authorised access level to the EDMS system for documents.
Document Analysis and Preparation
Document Scanning and Indexing
Converting into DVD and other digital sources
Have You Ever Encountered These ?
Take longer period searching and retrieving hardcopy documents
Running out of office space due to fully occupied by documents
Destroyed by either one of these disaster fire, flood or maybe theft
Documents are scanned but not retrievable and searchable
Documents are destroyed by termite
Preserving What Matter Most
1. Scanning Services
Goverment Record
Secured Scanning
Patient & Medical Records
Large Format Scanning
2. EDMS Provider
3. Warehousing Services
4. Destruction
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