Bumiputera Vendor Development Programme

Bumiputera Vendor Development Programme is defined as a program for the purpose of developing Bumiputera entrepreneur in the Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Community (BCIC). The Bumiputera vendor shall have the ability to produce the products/services and not merely an agent or distributor.

The main objectives of this programme are:

a) To support Government’s aspiration to develop Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Community (BCIC) under the National Development Policy;

b) To develop proactive, resilient and competitive Bumiputera in the printing industry;

c) To increase PNMB’s efficiency through cost reduction, quality and cycle time reduction;

d) To support the development of local capability in printing sector that enhances added services and promotes the usage of local contents and home grown technology.



a. Company’s capability to produce products/services in the printing industry. The evaluation will be done via conducting company’s due diligence.

b. Meeting Bumiputera vendor criteria as follow:

i. The company wholly owned by Bumiputera entrepreneur
ii.  Bumiputera entrepreneurs must hold the Chief Executive position in the company
iii. Majority of the management team inclusive of finance are Bumiputeras
iv. The paid up capital of the company must be at least RM 100,000.00
v. The annual turnover of the company not exceeding RM 1 million
vi. The is registered as ‘Sendirian Berhad’ under the Companies Act 1965
vii. The company shall have the capability to undertake the assigned job
viii. The company shall be a manufacturer or developer or implementer or owner of the products/services and shall not act as a agents or sub-contractor to others
ix. Not a public listed company or subsidiary of public listed companies
x. Minimum 3 years experience in related printing industry

c. Ensure recommended bumiputera vendor for registration has high entrepreneurial characteristic and is able to execute the contract, has strong financial status and has the experience in the applied contract/job. 

d.  Recommended entrepreneur for registration is in line and related to approved products/services under Bumiputera Vendor Development Programme.

e. The company should be based in Klang Valley only

f. The company shall adhere to PNMB’s Standard Technical Specification and meet the commercial requirement.

g. The company shall observe PNMB’s term and condition as stipulated in Contract Agreement for i.e:

• Term of delivery – Product/services to be delivered to PNMB KL only
• Term of payment – 30 days upon delivery of product



a. Capability of doing finishing works for i.e. binding , piece meal job and etc

b. Having continuous and long term requirement

c. Product/services that have local content

d. Meeting the standard specification set by PNMB


To register,please download these forms( Bumiputera Vendor Registration and PNMB Declaration of Interest) and send to:

Procurement Department
Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB),
Jalan Chan Sow Lin, 50554 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-9236 6888
Fax : 03-92231969