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Security Printing
The need of security printing is on the rise due to the growing trend of tampering, forgery and counterfeiting of original documents in both the Government and Private sectors. Such products for instance include tax documents, financial documents, Government Bonds, examination certificates, face value documents and ballot papers for local and national elections.

PNMB, as the approved and licensed by Ministry of Finance (MOF) upon advised by Chief Government Security Office (CGSO) and under the supervision of Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN), has been assisting both the Government and Private agencies to provide documents with sophisticated security features, using special security paper material and printing these documents through state of the art printing machines using special ink.

With years of experience in security printing, our trusted product specialist will help our customers to identify the security risks that are linked to each security documents and to propose the various combination of security features that we could offer. Security printing is also used to prevent tampering or alteration of the original documents and also to allow easy recognition of the genuine documents. At PNMB, we provide complete facilities to design, print, and ship security documents all over the world.

PNMB uses the most sophisticated security software for the purpose of security design creation. Security elements that can be customised with our software are: