Products & Services
Smartcard Solutions
PNMB is now a technology player in digital and smart card technology. Our new Card Line production facilities consist of end-to-end card body manufacturing and card personalisation that allows PNMB to be a leading player in the smart card industry. Our production facilities are equipped with “state of the art” card production machines imported from Germany and Japan which covers the card body manufacturing, chip embedding, inlay manufacturing and offset printing. The chip initialization and personalisation will be one of the major focus concentrations to boost PNMB's digital and smart technology approach towards the market.

Supported by our professional staff with diverse background and skill sets, PNMB offers a broad portfolio of secure ID, payment cards and personalisation solutions to support governments and financial industries. Our applications cover a centralised card issuance centre to instant card issuance systems (customer site) to meet the needs and requirements of the industries.

As an industry player in secure ID and smart card system, we bring exceptional solutions to our customers across industries, including government agencies and banks. Our solution is scalable and we offer full cycle of card issuance and management to enable their card programs to be highly effective and cost efficient. Our secure ID cards will have a specific security design for authentication, contact and contactless RFID, high security card lamination with UV finish and security hologram lamination.

PNMB’s new card line is the foundation for PNMB’s Digital and Smart technology strategy to deliver an innovative and highly secured smart card. We offer our customers a wide variety of smart cards that can improve outcomes, lower and enhance customer experience. We focus in enterprise solutions for secure ID which includes the production of smart card ID, smart devices, software and services. The systems that we build are robust and easy to use. Our ability to provide a holistic solution to customers with multiple integration solutions with government agencies gives us an upper hand and advantage. By bringing the superiority of latest card line technology and powerful system support, we are committed to provide the highest speed and best quality services to the customers.
Card Substrate
Commercial Grade PVC, Polycarbonate, Precision Identity Grade, Government Certified Grade.
Security Graphics
Guilloche, micro text, hologram and laser engraving are among the many security graphic options offered by our Card Line.
Card Personalisation
Our card personalization facilities offer centralized to decentralized services which cover Data Preparation, Key Management System, Personalise Machines and fulfilment.
Card Artwork & Printing
The background artwork is printed while the cards are manufactured, usually during a lithographic printing process. We offer professional card artwork design services and we evaluate customers artwork to ensure optimal dimensions, colours and specifications unique to card manufacturing.
Smart Card Technologies
  • The right card technology depends on customer’s application, the level of security and data protection needed, and compatibility.
  • We provide wide range of specialized chip embedding from contact, contactless, hybrid and dual interface capability.
  • Legacy options such as barcodes and magnetic swipes are also available.
Card Programming
PNMB has fully trained in-house smart chip card programming services (Java Applets and Operating System).
Document Technologies
Personalization, Biometrics and Data
Citizen Identity
PNMB Citizen Card Issuance Solution is a complete end-to-end solution for issuance of smartcard featuring the latest security features and embedded biometrics information that are compliant with international standards and fully interoperable.
Driving License & E-Mobile ID
PNMB Driving License is a complete end-to-end solution for issuance of smartcard featuring the latest embedded security features. Our solution will also support the integration to eDriving License / Mobile driving license which would promote an alternative enforcement measure.
Card Features
Loyalty Card / Membership Card
Gift Card / Prepaid Card
Privilege Card
Reward Card
ID Card
Warranty Card
Promotion Card / Discount Card
Access Card / Proximity Card
Plastic Business Card
Event Tag