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Track & Trace Solution
Counterfeiting is increasingly becoming a bigger threat to business and brands. Brand owners are constantly exploring new technology to improve their product identification and authentication.

Beyond that, regulators and Government agencies are finding better ways to monitor and regulate the market and prevent loss of tax revenue to the Government.

PNMB, through its experience in anti-counterfeit technology, has developed the Identem Serialization, Authentication and Traceability Solution as a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technology.

Key Functions:
Serialization Identification of products at unit level.
Track & Trace Monitoring of product movement along supply chain.
Authentication Simple and reliable verification of product authenticity.
Product & Brand Communication Provide useful information to consumers in a direct and engaging way.
Regulatory Information System Up-to-date information on product registration certification from local authorities.
Connected Data Seamlessly gather and integrate production and supply chain data for Big Data analysis.

Supply chain Achieve supply chain transparency and efficiency.
Regulatory compliance Supports compliance to relevant local regulation or international requirements for exports.
Brand protection Provide means for product authentication whether for consumer, supply chain partners or regulators.
Market analysis Get valuable insights to product movement and consumer behaviours.
Our Identification, Traceability and Authentication Solution is:
Suitable for use on products and documents.
Flexible and implementable using various forms of 1D and 2D barcodes or RFID labels.
Scalable and suitable for low or high volume usage, with minimal capital investment.
Adaptable to various production set ups, whether in-line or off-line processes.

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