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Variable Data Printing
Variable Data Printing or VDP is a printing method that uses software to change the output of a digital printing press to personalize each printed piece with unique information from a spread sheet or database.

It is most often used for address information but now the scope has been widened to include personalized graphics, text or the entire marketing message that is customised to the individual receiving it. This targeted approach has proven to be more effective than generic marketing.

The personalized mailers which VDP produces may include personalized promotional flyers, pamphlets, brochure and the personalized transaction documents which can be, for example, bank statements, credit card statements, utility and phone bills, notices university scrolls and transcripts, to name a few.

This entire process is monitored in a controlled and secured environment to ensure the integrity of customer's data. VDP documents can be combined with other products in a single-mail-out or customised as per customer's requirement.

PNMB is also proven to be capable of producing high volume VDP documents and with the availability of our branch locations nationwide, distributed VDP is made possible to ensure faster turnaround, easy management and cost saving.

  • Catalogue
  • Brochure
  • Flyers
  • Promotion
  • News and Media
  • Bulletin
Document Transactions
  • Bill
  • Invoice
  • Statements
  • Print Registration Form
  • Correspondents
  • Policies
  • Contracts
  • Sales / Purchases Documents
VDP allows customer to personalised each print to cater to specific individual or customers information.

PNMB offers one stop solution to produce a VDP material with other products under one roof. The service is intended to ease the process flow from one single source and thus encourage cost saving. We can process and produce from a small to a larger information database according to customer's needs and requirement.

PNMB has a wide range of cutting edge machines and software required for the VDP print thus making us one of the leading VDP printing house in the market.
Examples of prints using the VDP method are:

Confidential and personal transaction documents such as tax, bank account and credit card settlement, bills, summons, transcripts and study certificates, examination results and orders.

Pressure seal for high volume confidential and pressure documents without using mail envelope.

Printed trans promo in which messages are promoted either in the form of text or graphics and can be combined to documents such invoices, bills, statements and more for promotional purposes and advertising.

Brochures as a means of marketing communication (Personalized Marketing Communication).
A typical variable data print job includes the following major components:
Content includes text, images and photographs placed in different areas of your document. You can create static or variable content using a variety of applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word.

A database is a table containing all the changeable or variable elements in a printed document, such as text, graphic and photographs. You can use database that is created via popular desktop programs such as Microsoft Excel. Most importantly, the data must be organized into records and fields (categories) for ease of selection and printing.

Layout encompasses the design or page layout of your document.

print device
The print device is the output device that turns digital flies into hardcopy documents. This can be any printer, copier or digital press that supports variable data printing.

variable data print applications
Variable data print applications combine master elements and variable information and prepare the document for printing.