PNMB TECH is a solution provider / value-added reseller (VAR) that is able to comprehensively implement project needs of clients from concept to installation through to support.

Data Securely Stored in Malaysia with DRC.

Able to customise solution to address specific needs.

Developed In-House.

Scalable and be able to integrate with current solutions.

PNMB’s experience and capabalities in the secured documentation field is enchanced with your own IT abilities to offer an array of E-Services developed by our own in-house software development team towards a more efficient public service delivery system.

Our own software development team would be able to ensure a customised & scaleable solution which addresses the needs of the user and provide the peace of mind in terms of proximate maintainance and after sales service. Our experience and emphasis on security is pivotal to ensure data integrity which is essentially kept within the country.

Through the development expertise of PNMB Tech, our Technology & Product Development department as well as other internal proficiencies in smartcard technologies, digital ID, financial technology, PNMB would be able to offer an end-to-end total solution for E-Services whether for public or private sector use.

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