The digitisation of Malaysian laws from print to electronic is a significant step towards e-Governance. PNMB’s Lawnet is the ultimate online portal that houses a wide database of Malaysian laws for ease of access and reference.

Online search via Lawnet (for specific Malaysia Law, Gazette and Cases)

Online payment for Gazette-on-Demand (soon)

Online viewing, printing and downloading, downloading and printing of published gazettes

Value-added services such as Legal Terms Definition, Latin Dictionary and index of Subsidiary Legislation

Web-based portal on cloud platform

Up-to-date with amendments and approval of new laws

Wide database of easy and accessible law information at your fingertips

Digital library and archive on Cloud Service

Comprehensive and easy to surf through database

An annual subscription-based package

Complete access to three different parts of Lawnet: The Law-Library and E-Gazette

Search box to direct subscribers to specific Malaysian laws

Case laws or grounds of judgement by Malaysian court

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