Payfo – Financial Technology

Fintech is touted as a game changer that is revolutionising the financial service industry. Payfo is a subsidiary of PNMB with a vision to disrupt the financial space by building innovative products and solutions to assist both businesses or personal transactions as well as to provide financial means for the underserved.


Migrant marketplace

Digital banking

Online payments

Cost transparency and commoditisation.

Data monetisation through data-driven insights.

Electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services.

Ease of mobile banking.

Transparency in financial information.

Cashless transactions via e-wallet.

Alternative methods of payment (debit card, credit card, contactless payment)

Our team is compromised of some of Malaysia’s brighest minds that come from a diverse set of backgrounds, from Fortune 500 companies to fast-paced startups. We can adapt to any given situation.

Like most startups, we like to dream big. But unlike your usual run of the mill bootstraps, we are backed by one of Malaysia’s oldest companies to ensure the solutions we build are here to stay.

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