Secured Examination Centre


PNMB’s Centre of Excellence for Examination Papers Printing Solutions enhanced with high security which leverages on state-of-art technological infrastructure in order to provide products and services of high quality, security, confidentiality and excellence of service to clients.

The Secured Examination Centre is focused in providing services on the confidential printing segment specifically for the printing and supplying of examination related products from the Preparation of Exam Papers, Printing, Packaging to Delivery.

Data Securely Stored in Malaysia with DRC.

Able to customize solutions to address specific needs.

Developed In-House.

Scalable and able to integrate with current solutions

The Secured Examination Centre is develops with the highest degree of security implementation in which the process environment will be incline and comply strictly with CGSO, with reference to the experience gained during development of smart card production facility. Particularly, in physical and logical security, and obtaining Integraph – ISO 14298 Security Printing Quality Management. Adopts a holistic approach and implementation where one of the features can store the questions digitally in the system and has encrypted coding system to automatically print the papers.

The technology employed allows tracking of each personalised booklets with additional reprinting and repacking features without disruption of production equipment and productivity and avoid redundancy.

Fully inline solution from printing to packaging.

Fast Printing Line – 300m/minutes

Personalisation & Variable Data Enabled

Auto Inline Quality Check (QC)

IT Security – Firewall Protected Access

Advance Track & Trace Solution

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