Security Printing

Forgery, tampering and counterfeiting of confidential and high-value documents occur as these printing techniques have become more available to commercial printers. Licensed by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) upon advised by Chief Government Security Office (CGSO) and under the supervision of Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN), PNMB is the trusted security printing source in preventing the tampering or alteration of original security documents. We provide complete facilities to design, print and ship security documents all over the world.

Numismatic and relief effects.

Ultra Violet Fluorescent dyes.

Special substrate in the production of printing papers.

Protective complex guilloche design elements.

Two-tone watermark available in 3 grammages 160, 120 & 95 gsm.

Anti-copier features composed of fine line or dots.

ArtScreen – a design technique that transforms an image into small words to form an image.

Micro-lettering – a fine texture to create various font sizes starting from 0.5pt and is viewed.

G-Screen – a design technique that transform an image into images, logos, pictures and so on to form an image.

PNMB Scramble image – a design which is formed by algorith lines and by using a filter on cam to see hidden message.

Improved protection of valued documents such as certificates, transcripts, coupons labels, and prescription pads.

Prevention of information leaks.

Compliance with regulation

Confidence in the authenticity of documents.

Ensured safety of personal information.

Printing of items such as cheques, passports, tamper-evident labels, security tapes, product authentication, certificates, postage stamps and identity cards.

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