Technology Solutions

PNMB is now a technology player in digital and smart card technology and provides comprehensive and integrated solutions incorportating latest technologies including Track and Trace Solutions, Internet of Things and various other complete systems.




Smartcard solutions by PNMB is a holistic solution in security vulnerabilities amongst other multiple integrations making it the all-in-one physical and digital package. We provide end-to-end card manufacturing and personalisation making us one of the leading players in the smart card industry.

Financial Technology

The financial literacy of traditional banking was previously limited only to the educated and elite. Payfo is PNMB’s financial technology that aims to disrupt the financial space by building innovative products and software development systems to data integrate security documents, online verification, and digital certification.

Track & Trace

Identem™ is a comprehensive suite of solutions, developed, and commericalised by PNMB InnoVentures Sdn Bhd, to securely identify a product for authentication, allowing end-to-end supply chain traceability and enabling transparency for regulatory monitoring. Combining the use of physical tags, security labels or printed serial codes with Identem’s cloud-based smart monitoring platform, we can now achieve a secure, transparent and safe product supply chain.

Total Education Solution (TES)

As the first total solution provider in Malaysia covering from system to content, Total Education Solution (TES) is an online interactive learning instructional design and management system business in the educational sector.

E-Government & E-Service

PNMB Tech is a solution provider/value added reseller (VAR) that is able to comprehensively implement project needs of clients from concept to installation through support.