Total Education Solution (TES)

The current School Management System (SMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) are outdated causing heavy manual involvement and the lack of interactive learning materials in the system. PNMB’s Total Education Solution (TES) offer a robust and holistic automated solution to streamline operational processes for educational institutions.

TES deploys LMS with augmented reality technology to classrooms for an enchanced learning experience that is in line with the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) mission. All these are centrifuged from one single platform – Total Education Solution.

School Management System (SMS)

Learning Management System (LSM)

Holistic solutions offering- school system, learning, content, gamifi-
cation with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies.

Educational content and technology is in line with the syllabus from the Ministry of Education. Provision of educational assets by independent and established publishers, and subject matter experts.

The current traditional way of teaching and learning has been there since the very beginning of education. The instructor-led teaching has been used for short- and long-term courses. Over the past few years, online interactive learning has evolved and matured enough to be the alternatives to instructor-led teaching delivery as it offers a significant cost savings and also eliminates the geographical boundaries in supplying quality education and accessible school management system anywhere.

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