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Digital Imaging & Archiving


PNMB’s provides Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Digital Printing, Imaging and archiving solutions in Malaysia. Traditional hardcopy media poses challenges to organising, recording, document retrieving, decision-making and more. Organise your record management lifecycle.

From scanning, to document indexing, data storing, and managing, our full-ranged digital imaging and archiving solutions is the most reliable and reputed digitalisation service provider.

The ability to reference fast records and future operational decisions

Proper management of digital documents

Data archiving for file storage

Ease of data sharing via wireless connectivity

Consolidation of server

Track and trace documents

Collection of files from customer’s site to PNMB Scanning Centre

Hardcopy documents are boxed and uniquely tagged with a barcode

Files are reconstructed and stored in a secured warehouse

Scanning of files

Quality control through detailed inspection

Documents are indexed and uploaded into DMS server

Ease of users reference through DMS server

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