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Authentication & Traceability

Counterfeiting and illicit trade are more rampant than ever posing threats to regulatory agencies, brand owners, and consumers alike. Identem® is a comprehensive suite of solutions developed and commercialized by PNMB InnoVentures Sdn. Bhd. to securely identify products for authentication allowing end-to-end supply chain traceability and transparency for regulatory monitoring. Combining the options of either physical tags, security labels, or printed serial codes with Identem’s cloud-based smart monitoring platform, we can now achieve a secure, transparent, and safe product supply chain.

Protect your brand/business against counterfeiters.

Better management of your supply chain.

Ability to monitor and predict demand better.

Tracking of assets.

Assurance of compliance to regulatory standards.

Confidence in the authenticity of the product.

Knowledge of where their product is at any given time.

Ease of access to further product information.

Item is uniquely tagged.

Built-in data integrity features allow for easy inspection/activation

Data is cloud-based for ease of access

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