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Products and Services


General Printing & Trading

In Malaysia, an organization synonymous with printing for the last 130-plus years in PNMB. Starting out as an official government operation, PNMB’s printed documents were vital to disseminate information, gazetted laws and regulations, official books, manuals and standard operating procedures, the now part-private company responsible for the security and integrity of these documents.

Technology Solutions

Innovating beyond the edge in providing products and services conceived to support the challenges and requirement faced in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution. By amalgamating the myriad of available technologies in the market, PNMB designed customised tenology solutions for our clients to enchance revenue, reduce costs as well as increase efficiency through the digital experience. Find out more here.

Smartcard Solutions

Smartcard solutions by PNMB is a holistic solution to curb these security vulnerabilities and provide multiple integrations. All this makes it a truly all-in-one physical and digital package – pegging us as one of the leading players in the smartcard industry.